Land wastage is progressing inexorably from both ends of Akwa Ibom State. Throughout the northern gully-erosion prone parts, land degradation is due to population pressure and high settlement density. Along the southern coastal seaboard ocean waves are pounding relentlessly on the beach with tropical winds and heavy rainstorms in the wake, pushing the breaches landwards. What remains of the two battle fronts between man and nature are the sandy gently undulating land, low in nutrients and organic contents,acid soils ofthe highly porous land with low ration exchange capacity hence in serious need ofsoil fertility management. Agriculture is, therefore, perpetually under threat.

Agricultural intervention agencies of the Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Agriculture, the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), the Cross River Basin Development Authority and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, and other agencies are fully engaged in the agricultural and rural development of Akwa Ibom State. As acknowledged by one of the contributors to the present volume, various baseline investigations have been carried out in Akwa Ibom State; including the 1987 Task Force of Soils and Land Use Survey in Akwa Ibom State, which conducted detailed soils and vegetation surveys and gully and breach erosion hazard assessments in which experts lamented over the advanced state of natural land cover loss where exclusive deforestation has resulted in the depauperate mosaic of palm bushes, scrubland and grass plains with waterlogged and seasonally flooded soils.

With the massive loss of wildlife and in the absence of zoos and nature preserves, Akwalbom State has been reduced to a green wilderness, where the environment is green but devoid of its biome and denizens. The aim of this book is to primarily document the physical setting of Akwa lbom State, its geology, soils and land use, agricultural potentials; and geological environmental hazards such as gully and breach erosion; as well as the measures of mitigating these environmental threats.

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